Sunday, March 4, 2007

Seeing REDD

Most of you guys that check out my blog have probably seen this character before, although I never posted her here. I went for more of an animation style on this one. It didn't come out exactly as planned but I'm pretty happy with it.


Joshua Williamson said...

This is by far the best piece on your blog to date. It shows the most style, flair and looks the most finished. You should do more like it man. The color on Red and the gun work really well. Did this style take you longer or was it faster than your normal style?

JAMILYN said...

Wow I really appreciate the kudos, especially seeing how this was more of an experiment. I've been doing a few things in this style every now and then. I'm getting more comfortable with it. I still have one foot in the other style. I plan to perfect it. This style man not come as naturally to me yet just because my mind doesn't simplify things as much... but it was faster. I have to be cleaner but I "consolidate" the details so I don't actually have to draw as much. The coloring style is much faster. This coloring technique is probably the fastest of the 3 or 4 Photoshop methods that I use. It is all fills.