Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Here's a tattoo design that I did for my sister. Yeah, she's pretty brave I guess. It wasn't totally my idea. I basically took elements that she wanted and aranged and rendered them in what I thought was a tasteful design. I know they'll have to omit some of the detail.

I'll post the actual tat when she saves up enough and finds a good place to get it done.


Don Chente said...

Sweet man...now is Kira thinkin' color or black and white?

JAMILYN said...

I told her black and white first (it'll probably take two sittings anyway) then if she wants color go back. But, I suggested just shading... color highlights. She seemed to agree.

Jodi said...

I like the trees, but yeah, your sister is much braver than I am.